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Moshi 99MO075002 Zoom

Moshi 99MO075002

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Tootekood: ACC-128450
Moshi 99MO075002

Saadavus: Otsas

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    Tootja Moshi
    MPN 99MO075002
    Värv White


    Toote värvTransparent, White
    Muud funktsioonidCompletely scratch-proof, shock-proof, and bubble-proof, the iVisor Glass screen protector is practically a bullet-proof vest for your iPhone's precious touchscreen. Unlike other screen protectors that require a tedious installation process, iVisor's proprietary design allows for a flawless, bubble-free installation in seconds. iVisor Glass is made from a special type of glass that is atomically-strengthened and exhibits exceptional hardness exceeding that of tempered steel. This makes its surface nearly impossible to scratch, even with a knife. With its mere 0.3 mm thickness and rounded edges, iVisor Glass perfectly blends in and virtually disappears with the top of your device. Once installed, you won't notice any difference in screen clarity and touch sensitivity. What you'll find instead, is peace of mind knowing that your iPhone's screen is protected at all times by the best there is., Strengthened glass screen protector with exceptional clarity.Up to 40% thinner than generic glass screen protectors.100% bubble-proof, shock-proof and scratch-resistant.Oleophobic surface coating reduces fingerprints and smudging.Perfectly rounded edges and cutouts for a comfortable grip and feel.
    Netokaal0.05 kg
    Lihtne puhastadaJah
    Kaal3 g
    ÜhilduvusiPhone 5/5s/5c
    Näpujälgede vastane kaitseJah
    Lihtne kasutadaJah
    Kogus pakis1 pc(s)
    Lihtne eemaldadaJah
    Materjali paksus0.3 mm
    CompatibilityiPhone 5/5S/5C/SE
    Seadme tüüpMobile phone/Smartph
    Garantii0 month(s)
    Producer product name99MO075002
    Brutokaal0.06 kg
    Packing quantity1 pc(s)
    Gross depth master carton25 mm
    Gross width master carton120 mm
    Gross height master carton180 mm
    Net weight master carton0.05 kg
    Tare weight master carton0.01 kg
    Volume (m3)0.0005625 m³
    Tare weight (kg)0.01 kg
    Gross depth (mm)150 mm
    Gross width (mm)125 mm
    Gross height (mm)30 mm

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