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MyScreen LITE Glass Edge Samsung Galaxy A20e, Black Zoom

MyScreen LITE Glass Edge Samsung Galaxy A20e, Black

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Tootekood: ACC-265042
MyScreen LITE Glass Edge Samsung Galaxy A20e, Black

Saadavus: Saadaval hulgilaos 5 tk

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    Tootja MyScreen
    MPN 5901924966975


    PET8.00 g
    OmadusedResistant protective glass with a MyScreen Protector frame. Made of durable tempered glass, characterized by high scratch resistance on a 9H scale. Helps to protect against falling crack e.g. during a fall of the device. The oleophobic coating removes greasy stains from the screen and makes it pleasant to touch.
    MaterjalGlass with a layer of PET underneath
    ÜhilduvusSamsung Galaxy A20e
    Kriimustuskindel9 H
    Paper/Pasteboard80 g
    Producer product nameLITE Glass Edge
    Packing quantity1 pc(s)
    Brutokaal0.1 kg
    Gross depth (mm)211 mm
    Gross width (mm)100 mm
    Gross height (mm)15 mm
    Volume (m3)0.0003165 m³
    Netokaal0.01 kg
    Tare weight (kg)0.09 kg
    Embeeded batteryEi
    WEEE taxEi
    Plastic (No PET)10 g
    Toote värvBlack
    Karbi tüüpHybrid glass screen protector

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